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DTECH 1.8m USB to DMX512 Interface RS485 Serial Port 3PIN XLR Adapter Stage Lighting Control Cable

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DTECH 1.8m USB to DMX512 Interface RS485 Serial Port 3PIN XLR Adapter Stage Lighting Control Cable

Application scenarios include theaters, schools, dance halls, bars, light shows, stages, etc.

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Product Details

DTECH 1.8m USB to DMX512 Interface RS485 Serial Port 3PIN XLR Adapter 

Stage Lighting Control Cable

Ⅰ. Product Parameters

Product Name
Stage Lighting DMX512 RS485 Control Cable
Model TB-1062
UK FT232RL+MAX485 dual core
Cable Length 1.8m
OD 4mm
Interface Speed
USB2.0 full speed 12Mbps transmission speed
Interface Standard
3PIN-XLR RS485 serial port standard
Communication Protocol
DMX512 protocol
Working Mode
Asynchronous communication format (half full duplex)
Transmission Rate
System Compatibility
Supports Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, WIN11, Linux and other systems
Working Environment
-20 ℃ -70 ℃, relative humidity of 5% -95%
Communication Distance
USB: 0-5m; RS485: 0-1200m
1 Year
Ⅱ. Product Description

USB to RS485 Serial Port XLR Cable

Stage lighting debugging connection cable
Suitable for connecting computers and DMX512 stage equipment, bidirectional data transmission. The USB to RS485 communication protocol is used for data transmission.

USB to RS485 Serial Port XLR Cable
Dual chip design for better performance
Built in British FT232RL+MAX485 chip, high-speed logic processing chip, protocol equipment for long-distance transmission, stable and durable.
USB to RS485 Serial Port XLR Cable

3PIN-XLR serial port
Provide a baud rate of 300bps-3000000bps
High speed data transmission, faster and more convenient dimming and debugging.
USB to RS485 Serial Port XLR Cable

Anti interference, more stable signal
Internal selection of 28AWG thick tin plated copper core.
With the addition of multi-layer shielded industrial grade standard wires, the signal transmission is more stable.

. Product Size

USB to RS485 Serial Port XLR Cable

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