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  • New Hdmi Cable
    • September 22,2023.

    Hdmi Kabel DTECH 4K 2.1 Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 1m 2m 3m 5m HDMI Cable 8K,HDMI 2.1 8k high-definition cable, 3D visual effects, dynamic HDR, between light and dark, 48Gbps high-speed tra...

  • Happy New Year
    • February 15,2019.

    Happy New Year everyone,We have already started work.

  • Integrated Systems Europe 2019​
    • January 4,2019.

    DTECH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Will Participate Integrated Systems Europe 2019,I hope we have a good cooperation.

  • The Brief Description of VGA splitters
    • December 5,2018.

    Have you heard VGA splitters? A VGA splitter is used to route a VGA signal to up to sixteen different display devices. These splitters are used to display the same image simultaneously on multiple mon...

  • The Basic Information of HDMI Splitter
    • December 5,2018.

    Have you heard HDMI splitters? HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) is an integrated audio or video association used for transference of uncompressed and unencrypted digital data. It serves as ...

  • Enable green electronic switching power adapter, DTECH HD Series VGA Splitter
    • December 5,2018.

    Speaking of VGA Splitter, we may feel familiar but also strange .What familiar is, we may all know what the device is.when strange is, most of us seldom available to it. DTECH Electronics, as one of t...

  • Distance is no problem: DTECH USB2.0 extender
    • December 5,2018.

    Distance is no problem: DTECH USB2.0 extender USB interface is the main data exchange channels of various kinds of digital equipment, DTECH electronic technology company, joint research and developmen...

  • First Choice For DTECH HD DVI Splitter
    • December 5,2018.

    HD has become the basic requirement for terminal video devices, so DVI splitter, HDMI splitter are being used by more and more people, the advantage is: fast transmission, digital mode, easy in connec...

  • How to Select the Right HDMI Cables
    • December 5,2018.

    There is no doubt that the manufacturer of your TV, DVD player or recorder, games console, PC or Sky HD box will supply the appropriate HDMI cables with your product. This means that you cannot experi...

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