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DTECH DT-9031 TCP/IP To RS232/RS485/RS422 Three-in-one serial server

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DTECH DT-9031 TCP/IP To RS232/RS485/RS422 Three-in-one serial server

DT-9031 is a converter between the asynchronous serial port RS232/422/485 and Ethernet, which is an independent intelligent device with a CPU, an embedded OS and a complete TCP/IP protocol stack.

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Product Details

DTECH DT-9031 TCP/IP To RS232/RS485/RS422 Three-in-one serial server


1. Supports both dynamic IP (DHCP) and static IP

2. Supports both gateway and proxy server

3. Able to transmit data through the Internet

4. Provides transparent and bidirectional data transmission

5. Able to convert serial port to TCP/IP without any additional modification to the existing system made by the user

6. Internally integrated protocols: ARP, IP, TCP, HTTP, ICMP, SOCKET, UDP

7. Full English interface for all programs, wizards are easy to use even for new computer users.


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