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DT-7027 2 to 2 500MHZ VGA MATRIX

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DT-7027 2 to 2 500MHZ VGA MATRIX

DT-7026 supports 2 input 2 output, can connect to 2 HDMI sources and switch among them to 2 displays. With remote controller

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DT-7027 2 to 2 500MHZ VGA MATRIX


1. Hot-swappable, can be free to change computers, no software .

2. Attractive appearance, easy to install .

3. Front panel buttons to switch, remote control switch .

4. Supports cascading .

5. Remote control effective range :10 Meters

6. Be free to change computers without shutting down the matrix .




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DT-7026 4 to 2 500MHZ VGA MATRIX

DT-7026 supports 4 input 2 output, can connect to 4 HDMI sources and switch among them to 2 displays. With remote controller

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It is easy to realize 4K * 2K HD images, and supports 720P, 1080I, 1080P, 4K * 2K digital signals. The interface adopts non-slip design, easy to insert, easy to take out, plug and play. The connector uses a zinc alloy shell, which is beautiful and durable. The cable is slim and easy to carry. Includes hook and loop, easy to collect and save space for you.

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DTECH DT-H201 HDMI 2.0 cable 0.75M

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Our USB extension adapter (DT-5015)allows you to connect your USB device to your computer at a distance of up to 60meters with the help of a Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 patch cable (not included).

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DTECH new product HDCP1.4 1080p 4k 50m KVM USB2.0 HDMI extender with IR

This extender support HDMI 1080P@60HZ resolution, can use one keyboard and mouse to control remote equipment . Image rendition effect is clear, natural and no obvious attenuation, transmission distance up to 50m via cat5e/6. it add an IR return function, it is convenient for users to control monitor’s switch, adjust volume and switch over TV channels. It is widely used for computer teaching system, high quality multimedia display, video conference, computer or LCD plasma high definition display conference hall, digital home theater, expos, education, financial, scientific research, meteorology etc.

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HDMI KVM fiber extender is used to solve the problems appears when the HDMI signal is in long distance transmitting, such as image mosaic, color distortion, and inability to transmit. It is designed for internet tablet display and large-screen advertising wall display, and other occasions require high-quality HDMI audio and video signal long distance transmission. You can select the corresponding fiber module according to the transmission distance, and can also realize cascade transmission via fiber optic switch. It is widely used in all supermarkets, video conference, security center, computer teaching systems and data management systems, etc.

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Fashion and ultra-thin design,length is only 2mm,suitable for PC and laptop; Widely used to home theater, video conference,computer teaching

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DTECH DT-7056 HDMI 4X1 Quad multi-viewer with IR

DTECH DT-7056 HDMI 4X1 Quad multi-viewer with IR supports multi-channe high-definition audio & video signal as single image that  is displayed in the same device or a variety of video  segmentation modes.The audio signal of corresponding can be transmitted without delay when segmenting images. Supporting 1080P@60Hz resolution and HDMI signal.It can be finished one-to-one video channels by buttons and infrared remote controller.With stable transmission signal, simple operation and etc.,it is suitable for video conferencing systems, monitoring, hypermarkets

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