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What is the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz?

What is the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz?

  • 2020-09-25

Since nobody know, the high refresh rate has become an important selling point of monitors, and it has become the standard configuration of e-sports game monitors. When buying monitors, more and more people begin to abandon the already fixed 60Hz refresh rate and gradually refresh to 120Hz. /144Hz brush or even higher refresh rate closer. 

So is the difference between the 60Hz and 144Hz refresh rates of monitors really big? The answer is yes!

But the key point is why.

As for the screen refresh rate, some friends may not be particularly aware of it. To put it simply, the higher the screen refresh rate, the more picture frames can be presented. Take a 60Hz refresh rate screen for one second. The number of frames presented is 60 frames. That is to say, the higher the refresh rate of the screen, the smoother its display effect will be, and the display effect of the dynamic picture with the high refresh rate will naturally be clearer and more delicate, and the sensory effect will be better.

The screen refresh rate may not matter if you are used to it. For example, 60hz is actually very smooth to the human eye, but the limit of the human eye is far more than that. If the screen refresh rate is increased to 144hz, it may be possible at the beginning I can't feel anything, but after returning to 60hz for a while, I feel very uncomfortable, and even feel stuck.

The current e-sports monitors use 144Hz as the mainstream refresh rate. With a high refresh rate of 144 frames per second, even if the game screen changes very quickly, the monitor can ensure that the screen can be successfully displayed without stuttering. In general monitors, when we shake the lens quickly, the phenomenon of screen freeze and smear layering will appear.

So we can see the e-sports game. Especially in FPS game competitions, players will use 144 and above refresh rate e-sports monitors to participate in the competition, the purpose is to prevent the picture from affecting their performance. For players, these are equally important. If you want to play a good game, you naturally need an e-sports monitor.

In fact, when this question is raised, many people will say that the maximum number of frames that can be recognized by the naked eye is 60FPS. When the video refresh rate reaches 60FPS or more, it is not clear. Then why do we need 120Hz, 144Hz or better? What about the display refresh rate?

Because although the 60Hz screen will ask for an image from the computer every 1/60 second, not every time the computer will return in a fixed interval. For example, the screen requests an image at 0 second, and the computer returns after 1/120 second (reasonable because it is less than or equal to 1/60 second). The screen is the second time to request an image at 1/60 second. Because the image is more complicated this time, the computer returns after 1/60 second (reasonable because it is less than or equal to 1/60 second). Although the computer returned the image within the required time twice, in fact the difference between the first image and the second image is (1/60+1/60-1/120) = 3/120 = 40Hz, this value In fact, it is already lower than the 60Hz we need, so the number of frames displayed on a 60Hz screen is not fixed.

High refresh rate has become a hot spot in recent years. In addition to displays, smartphone screens have also begun to follow this feature, but in terms of practical use, a high refresh rate of displays is not necessarily required. Yes, because not everyone needs it and can use a high refresh rate.

It doesn’t make much sense to blindly pursue a high refresh rate. My opinion is that it is enough. If you value the refresh rate too much, there will be a trade-off in terms of color. The current 165H refresh rate on the market is enough for all games on the market. As for higher monitors, it depends on your budget and personal needs.

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