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Congratulations | The 28th Guangzhou Expo has successfully concluded, and Dtech and

Congratulations | The 28th Guangzhou Expo has successfully concluded, and Dtech and

  • 2020-09-05

On August 31, 2020, the 28th Guangzhou Expo ended perfectly. With the theme of "Cooperative Development", this year's Guangzhou Expo showcases Guangzhou's achievements in accelerating the realization of the "old city, new vitality" and the four "brilliance of the new", building a platform for cooperation and development between Guangzhou and domestic and foreign regions, and promoting a smooth domestic cycle . Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also made a strong attack, presenting a splendid feast for guests from all over the world

At the exhibition, for four consecutive days, from morning to night, there were countless customers who came to the exhibition. The elites at the Dtech site were overwhelmed. They were serious, responsible, patient and meticulous, and enthusiastic to explain social development, company development history, and related Product knowledge, in addition, patiently demonstrated products to customers, shared Dtech Electronics’ successful experience with exhibitors, met customer demands, created conditions for customer interaction, and provided customers with practical experience. The atmosphere on site was very warm and harmonious. It has been welcomed by more customers and praised by customers. The faces of everyone present showed their desire for the Dtech brand and affirmed the strength of Dtech Electronics.

In the 4-day Guangzhou Expo, Dtech Electronics returned with a rewarding success and triumphantly! Through zero-distance contact with domestic and foreign customers at the exhibition, customers can deeply feel the unique charm of Dtech Electronics, experience strong corporate strength, and professional quality services. At the same time, Dtech Electronics' main business and popularity have been extensive at the Expo spread.

During the expo, Dtech Electronics' exhibition hall became more and more popular every day. Dtech Electronics keeps innovating, keeping up with the pace of the times, focusing on and leading the new direction of industry development. The 4K/8K audio-visual cables and industrial Internet of Things new products that are promoted this time have attracted the favor of countless exhibitors and become a highlight of the Guangzhou Expo.

The high-end 4K/8K high-definition video and audio cables, RS232\485\422 serial devices, network extenders, industrial converters, audio and video distributors, converters, switchers, hubs and other industrial IoT series launched by Dtech Electronics are popular. New and explosive products in the market appeared splendidly, and the booth was surrounded by visitors. After some product introductions, demonstrations and answers to customer questions by Dtech employees, they are deeply favored and trusted by exhibitors. They have given their thumbs up to Dtech Electronics brand's 4K/8K high-definition audio-visual cables and industrial IoT products.

The 28th Guangzhou Expo ended successfully, and Dtech Electronics returned with a rewarding experience. What Dtech Electronics can display at this Guangzhou Expo is only one point and one aspect of Dtech Electronics. All the charms of Dtech Electronics are yet to be explored. Because of its strength, Dtech Electronics will continue to make breakthroughs in the future; because of its professionalism, Dtech Electronics will continue to achieve great results and win the trust and recognition of more customers! Dtech Electronics looks forward to sharing a wealth of life with you!

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