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HDMI network cable extender, the "secret" you don't know.

HDMI network cable extender, the "secret" you don't know.

  • 2023-02-23

The HDMI network cable extender is composed of a transmitter and a receiver, which can be connected and extended with a Cat5e/6e network cable, and the picture can be extended up to 50 meters. Often used in multimedia teaching, video conferencing, security monitoring, radio and television transmission and other occasions.

So what are the advantages of HDMI cable extenders? Taking Dite's HDMI network cable extender as an example, I will give you a detailed analysis of several points:

                                                     Single network cable can be extended up to 50 meters

Dite HDMI network cable extender extends the distance far, the image is clear, and the operation is flexible and convenient. It can be transmitted using two Cat5e/6e network cables, which can extend your video screen by 50 meters, and the picture quality is clear and lossless, and the signal is stable and undistorted.

                                                             Support 3D stereoscopic visual effects

It adopts high-definition transmission technology, supports 1920*1080 high-definition resolution, and the picture is clearer; at the same time, it also supports 3D stereoscopic visual effects, which makes watching movies more shocking. You can also feel 3D visual effects at home and enjoy the feast of audio and video.

                                                                  High-definition transmission, signal lossless

HDMI network cable extender adopts uncompressed transmission scheme, the transmission bandwidth is up to 255MHZ, the picture is real, the signal is stable, and it supports multiple signal formats at the same time, which is convenient and flexible.

                                                                               Easily handle various occasions

It can be extended through a network cable, and the cost is lower than that of HDMI data cables. It is an economical choice for long-distance transmission and can also improve maintenance efficiency. It is suitable for multimedia teaching, video conferencing, security monitoring, radio and television transmission, etc. It is more convenient and flexible, and makes your life more colorful.

                                                                                  POC power supply

HDMI network cable extender adopts POC power supply system, which integrates power transmission, PTZ control, and video transmission. In engineering wiring, the transmission distance is longer, installation and wiring are more convenient, and it also greatly saves maintenance costs.

                                                                            EQ automatic adjustment

Its receiving end is equipped with an EQ automatic adjustment button. Adjusting this button can make the signal reach a smooth state, repair the attenuation caused by low-quality cables, and reduce the noise in the working environment.

                                                                        Built-in high-performance chip

This Dtech HDMI network cable extender has a built-in high-performance chip, which can effectively optimize the line structure and avoid unstable phenomena such as distortion, smearing, and snowflakes on the network extender.

Dtech HDMI network cable 50m extender, industrial-grade high-definition video lossless transmission single network cable extension, support resolution 1920*1080P without delay, no loss, stable transmission, widely used in multimedia teaching, video conferencing, security monitoring, TV broadcasting and other belts HDMI interface for transmission, so that high-definition vision is always with you.

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