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DTECH Employee's Birthday Party Thanks for every employee, Dtech keeps the original heart

DTECH Employee's Birthday Party Thanks for every employee, Dtech keeps the original heart

  • 2018-12-11

The company's development is inseparable from the support of all employees. In order to better promote the company's cultural construction and increase the sense of belonging of employees.On November 30th, a group birthday party was held for employees who regularly celebrate their monthly birthday. Let the staff feel the company family’s care for each employee after the busy work .With the familiar "Happy Birthday" song melody, the birthday party opened.

The company has prepared a sumptuous hot pot dinner for the birthday stars, which is colorful and rich in flavor, making everyone’s mouth watering. Before dinner, every body didn't forget to take out his mobile phone and take a wild shot to freeze this beautiful moment.

Driven by Mr.Xie, the general manager of the domestic marketing center, Mr. Huang, vice President of the production Center and Mr. Yang, manager of the administrative and human resource department, 17 birthday stars toasted, there were no flowers on the scene, but there were warm applause, and there was no wine, but there was the most sincere blessing.

After the hot pot banquet, in relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the birthday stars happily make their birthday wishes , and cut the customized birthday cake. Everyone happily tasted the sweet and delicious cake, leaving a bright smile on the camera.

The time of gathering is always short-lived. The collective birthday meeting in November is coming to an end. The staff of the administration and human resource department are going to give the birthday gift and birthday card signed by general manager Xie to the birthday person. When they silently read the company’s birthday wishes, the corners of the mouth have risen up. Seeing this warm-hearted picture, it is the intention of the company to held a birthday party, so that the wanderers in other places feel the warmth of home.

The gift prepared with heart is the most precious, it has nothing to do with the price. Thanks you for holding collective employee birthdays regularly every month.

Wish the company prosperity!

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