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Change and start again Dec. staff morning meeting

Change and start again Dec. staff morning meeting

  • 2018-12-11

On the morning of December 3rd, with the exciting music of the entrance, the employees of the Dtech company went to the company basketball court with  light steps.

As usual ,the director announced the early part of morning meeting started by asking some questions. And one of the question is that "New Year is coming, have you achieved the goal you set in 2018?" A few minutes later, the employees who has achieved the goal  responded with a smile, and others thought at quiet.

Then, the first part of the early morning meeting was held. All the employees jumped down and exercised. Under the three leading dance demonstrations, the employees under the stage danced. "(Lift arms,lift arms ~ thin thigh, thin thigh ~" The action repeated several times, in addition to stretching the body. At this moment,we can see that everyone is as happy as a child.

After finishing the team, the second part is awarding the November sales champion. In this session, Xie, the Vice President of domestic marketing department, presented the award to Cheng Ming, who won the top three consecutive sales performance in November. At the meeting, Cheng Ming shared his journey that he join the company for nearly 10 years. Just as the famous star Kobe Bryant answered the reporter's question why he was so successful: "Do you know what it is like at 4 am in LosAngeles?"From Cheng Ming and Kobe Bryant  ,we can learn this kind of spirit of effort and persistence. It is said that the fastest shortcut to success is to imitate success. Cheng Mings award-winning testimony seems to give a strong boost to the employees who struggled on the road.

If the sale is a warrior on the battlefield, then the production center is the department that casts the weapons. On the basis of the second part,the third part is  to analyse production status.Huang , the production department, summarized the production capacity, product quality, personnel management and safety production in 2018. At the same time, on behalf of all the employees of the production department, they promised to cooperate in the company reform and set an example for the company.

As the saying goes: no rules are not square. The last part of the morning meeting -Yang, the management of the Department of Personnel, shared his views on the issues of managing rules. The first item is the four accountability notices issued in November to clarify the reasons and necessity, and to warn everyone to strictly follow the work process in their work. The second content is the changes that have occurred since the implementation of 6S management and will strengthen enforcement in mid-December, and gradually standardize 6S management.

At the end of the morning meeting, the host led all people to shout out our slogan of 2019 - the product was sold, the talents came in, and the special wealth made! The last three repetitions of the "Encouragement of Love" action successfully concluded this morning meeting.

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