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Enable green electronic switching power adapter, DTECH HD Series VGA Splitter

Enable green electronic switching power adapter, DTECH HD Series VGA Splitter

  • December 5,2018.

Speaking of VGA Splitter, we may feel familiar but also strange .What familiar is, we may all know what the device is.when strange is, most of us seldom available to it.

DTECH Electronics, as one of the largest suppliers and manufacturer who produce Computer peripherals and universal wire, 4 ports VGA extender, casting out a number of superior products with the leading industry advanced technology, and innovative technologies passed multiple patent certifications both at home and abroad.

In recent years, Security system and Multimedia teaching equipment manufacturing enterprises has been developed gradually with the National economy .On this occasion, DTECH Electronics and Guangdong University of Technology joint research and develop series HD Video frequency-driver, HDMI Splitter and so on. Which possess the characteristic of high performance and high stability.These are able to solve the HD Video display system engineering like various digital video booth,network flat audio and video advertising project, large screen wall video display, industry control, medical equipment, security monitoring, large central control system, multimedia teaching, bank, stock and finance display system, PC series system, exhibition show, PC back panel and so on .

VGA extender

Appearance Design

Here let me introduce several products launched by DTECH recently, DT-7052、DT-7054、DT-7058.As the data shown, DT-7052、DT-7054、DT-7058 is 1 by 2, 1 by 4 and 1 by 8, bandwidth is 500MHz,which are able to support 2048*1536 high resolution and long distance transmission .Combined with DTECH high quality VGA Cable, video signal distance transmission can up to 20m to 80m, image effect is pretty good, no picture ghosting, very convenient in practical engineering project .

8 ports VGA extender

Back panel’s power adapter port, port of input and output, all marked are clearly .blue is Input, black is output,also can support tandem connection with 3 layer stack based, support PNP and increase or decrease equipment arbitrarily.

DTECH Video splitter

All DTECH Video splitter series product shield make of thick iron, polymer spraying process is enough good to highlight the texture of metal, with strong sense of science and technology .

Details Embodiment

The thickness of the steal plate can be clearly seen from this angel.

The right side of the product is marked with wide frequency, resolution, model, and power indicator light .

To strengthen the bottom friction, four rubber foot-pads were set on the bottom of splitter, so it can keep the good stability when in the work environment .

No matter is 1 by 2 or 1 by 8,the width of DTECH VGA splitter is 7.5cm, and the length is depend on the output ports .

Environmental electronics switching power adapter

Electricity:All DTECH Video frequency-driver or splitter used 5V green electronic switching power adapter.The adapter has the advantage of light weight, high power, and low power consuming, which can raised the efficiency power supply to 95% in theory, so it will not be hot even in a long time work status.In addition, according to the information, according to the principle and characteristics of DC switching power supply, it is also designed with voltage protection switch, so as to avoid excessive current lead to equipment damage .

HD VGA Splitter

PS:Picture quality of a camera or computer is have a big relationship with the length and quality of a VGA Cable, the wire core will influence the clearance and resolution of the picture quality .So, in order to get the most clearance image quality, we suggest consumers to use DTECH VGA high quality cable.For example, if you connect a 1080p display, it would need at least 500mhz bandwidth, like VGA video matrix, high band width displayed picture is quite clear, will not appear black screen, flashing and pause phenomenon.

DTECH 500Mhz Series HD VGA Splitter characteristic:

1. One display signal is assiagned to 2/4/8 way, and display the same picture synchronization

2. Support VGA.SVGA.XGA, Multisync

3. Able to extend the visible signal to 50m to 80m (Use DTECH high quality 3+6 cable )

4. Top Bandwidth :500Mhz

5. Resolution:2048x1536

6. 5V green electeonic switching power adapter /electric current:1000mA

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