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Thrilling! The Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand supported 50,000 medical masks in Shenzhen at the last minute!

Thrilling! The Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand supported 50,000 medical masks in Shenzhen at the last minute!

  • 2020-04-18

On February 4, at 18:55 local time in Thailand, I saw 100,000 medical surgical masks loaded with the love of the Thai Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce successfully boarded the plane and went to the airport to check in at the airport. Xie Jiakai Qi Qi sighed in relief. Secretary-General Xie Yinyin sighed in the material delivery group: excited, shaking hands, finally delivered the epidemic prevention materials back to China today.

"Since our fellow citizens are in difficulty, we, as overseas Shenzhen-based societies, want to do something for our hometown." Xie Yinyin told reporters that since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus, all members of the Thai Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce have been very concerned about the progress of the outbreak. I used my connections to find masks everywhere. On the other hand, I took the initiative to contact the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Affairs Department. When I learned that the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee (Shanghai Overseas Chinese Affairs Office) had widely mobilized overseas Shenzhen associations to raise medical and anti-epidemic materials, everyone was more determined to buy masks from overseas Domestic determination.

However, with the spread of the epidemic, masks have not only become a sought-after domestic product, but also become a local rush to buy materials. Chairman Xie Chongtong introduced that in order to snap up these batches of epidemic prevention materials, he experienced several twists and turns: "For the first time, we clearly stated the price and also made a deposit. When the goods were picked up, the manufacturer said that it was bought in full in cash; I paid the full amount for the second time and still couldn't get the goods at the factory. It was not until Xie Guoxin, who had been in the medical industry for a long time, contacted the local government department that he successfully bought these 100,000 medical surgical masks with formal production qualifications and certificates. 50,000 masks were sent to Shenzhen. "


After successfully buying a mask, everyone thought that they could breathe a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, they hit "nails" during the transportation. Xie Chongtong revealed that on February 3, the Ministry of the Interior of Thailand has submitted a bill to introduce a “mask control policy”. Once the control policy is issued, the masks will not be shipped back to the country in large quantities. Everyone's efforts will become futile.

One hundred thousand is in a hurry. On February 4, the Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand will send 100,000 masks to the airport as soon as possible for consignment to return to China. Unexpectedly, because there was no advance report, the shipment of materials was rejected by the airline. "What to do, what to do, masks can save people, we have to save the masks first!" Xie Guoxin and Xie Jiakai, who are responsible for the consignment at the airport, are in a hurry. Contact people to discuss countermeasures. Finally, under the direction of Zhao Yang, general manager of China Southern Airlines Bangkok Branch, the Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand found a countermeasure: find passengers to check in at the airport and take the last flight from Bangkok to Guangzhou at 18:55 that evening.


At 13:00 local time, less than 6 hours before the flight took off, Xie Guoxin and Xie Jiakai had been staying at the check-in counter of China Southern Airlines flight CZ364. When they met passengers, they came forward and asked: "Can you help bring your mask back to China?" I did n’t know each other. Their plea was rejected by many passengers and was mistaken for being a "liar." The repeated refusal did not make Xie Guoxin and Xie Jiakai flinch. They insisted on going forward and asking again until they met Mr. Luo ’s family . Xie Guoxin revealed, "Mr. Luo's family came to Thailand from Guangzhou, and the couple agreed to help, but the elderly in their family had some concerns. After seeing the various documents issued by us, Mr. Luo and his wife finally agreed to check in luggage Taking on the plane, our mask finally took the flight to the motherland at the last moment.

At 22:55 China time on February 4th, under the relay of many caring people, 100,000 masks arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as scheduled. With the roar of the plane landing, the solidity and warmth of the members of the Thai Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce The landing; Shenzhen Red Cross staff drove to Guangzhou overnight to assist in the customs clearance of materials. At the same time, the Thai Cabinet announced that it will implement the management of four types of products such as masks from the early hours of February 5 local time, and airlines will not be able to send masks out of Thailand.


Xie Chongtong in Thailand cheered: "It's dangerous! God bless Shenzhen! God bless Guangdong! God bless China!"

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