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How to connect the mobile phone/laptop to the monitor? Use the Dite Type-C to DP cable, the small screen becomes a big screen in seconds!

How to connect the mobile phone/laptop to the monitor? Use the Dite Type-C to DP cable, the small screen becomes a big screen in seconds!

  • March 11,2023.

In life, we often encounter scenes where a small screen becomes a larger screen, such as conference projection, home theater layout, and children studying at home. It is necessary to share the mobile phone/tablet/laptop screen to a large-screen display.

It is actually very simple to turn a small screen into a large screen. Just buy a suitable adapter cable for your mobile phone/notebook and display interface. Today, Xiaote brings you a Type-C to DP cable. Let us find out together. It works wonders!

1. The Type-C to DP cable length of Detec has a variety of specifications to meet the connection use of different distances. The high-quality material selection and exquisite appearance design make the product both powerful and attractive.

2. High-quality oxygen-free copper wire core, combined with aluminum foil+ground wire+multi-layer shielding network, has strong anti-interference, layer-by-layer protection, stable transmission, and a clearer picture.

3. Equipped with VL103 high-performance chip, the picture transmission is clear and stable, without ghost and distortion; It supports OS/Windows and other systems without installing drivers.

4. Gold-plated connector, plug-resistant; Integral aluminum alloy shell, stable and not falling off; PVC+nylon woven outer covering, the wire is strong and durable.

5. With DP1.4 interface, it supports multiple resolutions and high refresh rates such as 8K/60Hz, 4K/144Hz, 2K/240Hz, and can restore the true color of the picture, present a more natural and clear picture quality, and view the movie more shocking. Especially the advantage of synchronous transmission of audio and video, presenting cinema-level audio and video effects can definitely bring you surprises.

6. This Type-C to DP cable supports mobile phone to connect to TV, which makes it more enjoyable to play games with large screen; Support notebook connection display/projector, clearly display the speech, and increase customer satisfaction; It supports flat-panel connection to large TV screens, the living room turns into a home theater in seconds, and one family shares the wonderful plot of the large screen; When children have online classes at home, large screen viewing can widen the distance between children and mobile phones/tablets, and prevent myopia through physical distance while learning knowledge.

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