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DTECH Serial Cable Has Been Used In Various Industries For Over 20 Years!

DTECH Serial Cable Has Been Used In Various Industries For Over 20 Years!

  • March 5,2024.

DTECH USB2.0 to RS422/485 Serial Cable has been tested in the market for over 20 years and is highly recognized by personnel in the electrification and industrial control industries for its stable, high-speed, and durable features, making it highly trustworthy.

USB2.0 to RS422/485 Cable

Built in IFTDI-FT232RL+SP485 dual chips for better performance, high-speed logic processing chip, coupled with TVS fuse diode, supporting RS485/422 protocol equipment for long-distance transmission, stable and durable.

USB2.0 to RS422/485 Cable

The converter has zero delay automatic transceiver conversion, automatic detection of serial signal rate, to ensure high-speed data transmission, to ensure that data transmission without delay, to ensure that the signal runs faster, to provide a reliable connection for your communication.

The internal material is made of 24WG thick 80 braided tinned copper core, which is tightly shielded both inside and outside. It enhances electromagnetic interference resistance in all aspects and has multiple layers of shielding, making signal transmission more stable.

USB2.0 to RS422/485 Cable

Data flow direction is automatically controlled by I/O circuit. No RTS, DTR and jumper Settings are required to achieve mode conversion, ensuring compliance with existing communication software and interface hardware.

It is because DTECH has always insisted on using high-quality raw materials that its products can be recognized by people.

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