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DTECH RS232 Splitter 1 TO 4

DTECH RS232 Splitter 1 TO 4

  • 2016-08-27

Good news , we got these new products at this month ,here are products information as below ,feel free to contact us if you need any help,thanks

Product Introduction:

RS232 splitter is designed for all kinds of conference rooms and central control systems in small or medium size.

It has 1 input port, multiple output ports, so you can control multiple RS232 terminal devices with one computer.

Connection Instruction:

1. Computer serial port to ‘INPUT’ port on the splitter with RS232 cable

2. Splitter’s ‘OUTPUT’ ports to terminal devices with RS232 cables.

3. Connect power adapter to ‘DC 5V’ port.


1. 1 input port for computer, multiple ports for terminal devices;

2. The current input is suitable for RS232-C,DB9 female port.pins instructionNo.2,transmission; No.3, receive;No.5, ground;

3. The current output is suitable for RS232-C,DB9 female port.pins instructionNo.3,transmission; No.2, receive;No.5, ground; (Analog of computer serial port output sequence)

4. Maxuium drive distance meet RS232-C;

5. Connector type DB9;

6. Male baud rate determined by signal transmission device;

7. Whole hardware design ,support arbitray baud rate and any protocol format;

8. No any delay with data transmission and receiving;

9. Multiple cascade is acceptable;

10. Support one computer controlling multiple terminal devices;

11. Support multiple computers controlling one terminal device;

12. Automatically output after wire connection and turn on the power , no need any switch.


DTECH is specialized in audio&video research, development,  manufacture and sales, which integrates R&D department,ODM department and a strong sales network. Products are certified by: HDMI Adopter,CE,FCC,ROHS etc.

DTECH was multiple awarded technological prizes, for example: Technological Innovation Prize by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Guangdong province and Little Giant Technology Prize of Guangzhou City.

Main business:

HDMI splitter,extender,matrix,converter,switcher,KVM

VGA splitter,extender,matrix,converter,switcher,KVM

BNC/SDI/AV splitter and converter,

USB converter cable,Industrial converter and so on.

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