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DTECH Electronic was awarded the "Love of Public Enterprise"

DTECH Electronic was awarded the "Love of Public Enterprise"

  • 2015-06-22

All along time, charity to help disadvantaged groups, is the embodiment of the human happy emotion, and is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Project hope love student activities designed to help poor teenagers finish school is a public welfare activity, known as since 20th century's the most influential social welfare.

Well-known peripherals electronics manufacturers in south China "GuangZhou dtech electronic technology(DTECH)"positive response to a call for compassion to the society, to participate in helping poor children to return to the campus student HuaZhou mountain, in the social responsibility and social aspects of excellence, be HuaZhou work committee for women and children, huazhou city women's federation award the "Love of Public Enterprise"title.

In front of natural disasters, social public welfare undertakings and vulnerable groups, dtech electronic repay society steps never stop, fully display the enterprise leaders - Mr.Xie Yu "Thanksgiving, return society “the height of the social responsibility and the spirit of selfless love, with selfless love and kindness explaining the concept of an outstanding enterprise and responsibility.

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