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First Choice For DTECH HD DVI Splitter

First Choice For DTECH HD DVI Splitter

  • December 5,2018.

HD has become the basic requirement for terminal video devices, so DVI splitter, HDMI splitter are being used by more and more people, the advantage is: fast transmission, digital mode, easy in connection. Here is the DVI splitter researched by DTECH and Guangdong Industry University.

DVI splitter

With one channel DVI signal input, multiple channels DVI signals outputs. In many ocassions, we need multiple monitors to play the same video in DVI signal,if we connect a DVI player for each monitor, that costs a lot, and you get a lot troubles, DTECH DVI splitter 1 TO 2 solves this problem.Support connecting with a DVI switcher, to realize switch/distribution.

DVI splitter 1 TO 2

DTECH published 3 models: DVI splitter 1*2(DT-7023), 1*4(DT-7024),1*8(DT-7025).Support set-top box,DVD player,D-VHS player and some more HDTV devices. Widely used in public video system, financial securities, securities companies, futures market, high quality multimedia terminal display, science and education.

DVI splitter

Adopted Taiwan imported high-quality chips, transmission distance: 20m(5+15m),if work with DTECH DVI cable, the transmission quality would be better, completely solve the signal damage and loss in long distance transmission. Support 1920*1220.

DVI Output

All the interfaces are DVI(24+5)and 24K gold plated,high-quality transmission, resistant to corrosion, long working like.

Every DTECH splitter is equiped with a 5V environmental power adapter,it’s light in weight, high in power, low in consumption, in theory, makes the power efficiency up to 95%, doesn’t get hot after long time work, and it has a voltage protection switch to avoid the device damage by a sudden over loaded current.

DVI splitter connection

Laptop DVI splitter


1、signal buffer, amplification, automatic identification function

2. realize 20m(5+15)transmission via cascading

3. realize more outputs via cascading

4. support 480p,576p,720p,1080i,1080p

5. support multi-channel audio devices

6. housing: metal, working temperature: 0-40℃,Non-operating Temperature:-20-85℃。


1、 one DVI signal input, multiple outputs.

2、 external plug design, no compatibility issue.

3、 20m transmission.

4、 support connecting with DVI monitor.

5、 support UXGA,bandwidth:225MHZ。

6、 realize more outputs via cascading

7、 support HDTV 1920X1080.

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