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Autumn HK Global Sources Exhibition

Autumn HK Global Sources Exhibition

  • 2018-10-16

On October 11th, our company's exhibition at the Global Sources Exhibition officially began. This time we brought our newly developed products, DT-7058, DT-7073, DT-7043 and other popular HDMI Extender, as well as some HDMI SPLITTER, HDMI SWITCH, HDMI MATRIX , and some converters. At the same time, our HDMI Wireless Extender 50m 100m 500m, 4k Extender, 4k SPLIITER and 4k SWITCH attracted many customers. Many customers asked many details of 4k products and wireless extenders through our booth. And this time we also brought some HDMI fiber optic cables to the exhibition, it has also attracted many customers. During the exhibition we sold wireless extender 50m, HDMI extender 60m, HDMI extender 50m and a roll of HDMI fiber optic cable. At the exhibition, we also got a lot of business cards.

It’s a successful exhibition for our company. It lets lot of people know DTECH. I remember that the first day in our booth, a customer came in, and said “I know you, you are very famous in Dubai”, after hearing this, i was so proud of our company!

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