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DTECH DT-9028I Industrial grade 8 ports RS485 HUB
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DTECH DT-9028I Industrial grade 8 ports RS485 HUB manual


1The main branch of RS485 RS232/RS485, eight

2The RS485 data to provide data collision protection control DCPC function

3The baud rate adaptive

4LED indicates power and signal state

5Each port to provide a large capacity 256 nodes

6The main RS232 port protection: 15KV ESD

7Primary and secondary RS485 port with two levels of lightning protection, surge, lightning protection, and every line of 2000W

8Each branch with short circuit, open circuit protection function, does not affect the other branch of online communication

9Two-way conversion between main and branch port

10Branch rate as high as 250Kbps

11High anti-interference design

12Wide voltage input design: DC 9-40V, DC 9-60V can be customized.

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