• Extender Series
hdmi ip kvm extender
HDMI IP KVM Extender transmit HD signal up to 120m via single CAT 5e/6, resolution up to 1080P.  Not only breaks the transmission distance limitation of HDMI cable, but also save cost for you. besides, it is more convenient and flexible. 
4K HDMI extender
DT-7051 HDBaseT 4K HDMI USB 2.0 KVM Extender 100M consists of a transmitter and receiver that can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals without the need for digital / analog or analog-to-digital conversion of the signal before transmission. 
kvm extender
DTECH DT-7054A HDMI USB KVM Extender 100m with IR
hdmi extender
DT-7054 HDMI USB2.0 KVM extender 50m with IR