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DTECH DT-9022 Industrial grade 2 ports RS485 Hub
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DTECH DT-9022 Industrial grade 2 ports RS485 Hub


1, the interface features: in accordance with the EIA/TIA RS - 485 / RS - 422 standard

2, electrical interface: RS - 422 / RS - 485 input and output with copper terminal connector

3, protection grade: 600 w interfaces on both ends of each line lightning surge protection, + / - 15 kv ESD protection.

4, isolation degree: 2500 VRMS isolation voltage

5, work mode: asynchronous half-duplex asynchronous full duplex or

6, indicator: three lamp, lamp power supply (PWRS), send (TXD) and receiving (RXD)

7, transmission medium: twisted pair or shielded wire

8, transmission rate: 300-115.2 K BPS

9, appearance size: 120 mm * 80 mm * 25 mm

10, using the environment: - 40 to 85 , relative humidity of 5% to 95%

11, transmission distance: 0-5000 meters (115200 BPS to 9600 BPS), related to the environment and the cable diameter and how much load

12, the power input voltage range: DC 9-40 v 

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