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Passive industrial converter
DT-9000 Passive RS232 to RS485 converter
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Product Details

DT-9000 Passive RS232 to RS485 converter 


1,Compatible with RS232,RS485 TIA/EIA standard.

2,Automatically send/receive data ,without external traffic control signals.

3,Communication rate:300~38400bps

4,Communication distance: 1.2Km(9600bps),can connect 32pcs RS232 or RS485 device.

5,Power and two color data traffic indicator light, can detect the fault point.

6, Work way: Asynchronous half-duplex(RS485),no need jumper wire settings.

7,Optical and electrical isolated(isolated voltage 2.5KVrms/500VDC insulation),RS485 provide 600W per line lighting protection

and prevent common ground interference.

8,Electrical interface: RS232 interface connect DB9 hole type connector,RS485 interface 4 terminals binding post

transmission medium(twisted pair or shielded cable)

9, Use environment:-40℃~85℃;Relative humidity 5%~95%(Non-condensing)

10, Support DOS/WIN95/WIN2000/NT/XP Linux.etc.

11,Applies to all used communication software. plug and play.  

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