• Industrial Series
Passive industrial converter
DT-9000 is compatible with RS-232C,RS422, RS-485 standard.
Data Protection Industrial Converter
DT-9003 is compatible with RS-232,RS422, RS-485 standard.
Passive RS232 photoelectric isolation protector
DT-9011 is a kind of RS232 system communication serial port optic isolation product.
RS485 repeater
A reliable and stable point-to-point and point-tomultipoint communication can be ensured by DT-9016 photoelectric RS485 isolation interface converter.
Active RS232 to RS485 RS422 converter
Compatible with the Recommended Standards of RS-232C, RS-422 and RS-485, UT-208 photoelectric isolation interface converter can convert the single-ended RS-232 signal into balance differenced RS-422 or RS-485 signal.
RS232 to RS485 RS422 interface converter
DT-9028 is an industrial-grade optical isolation multifunctional converter with external power supply, it compatible with RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 standard.
fiber modem
DT-9077 fiber modem implements advanced optic transmission technology to extend signal transmission distance up to 120km on single-core fiber