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hdmi 2.0 cable 1M
DTECH DT-H002 HDMI 2.0 cable 2M
hdmi to av converter
HDMI to AV converter, which can convert digital HDMI signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and FL/FR stereo audio signal, the HDMI video signal with high quality can be converted to CVBS signal that support two different systems(standard solution of 480i, 576i, NTSC/PAL) which ordinary TV, VHS green players, DVD recorder can receive  by the customer.
HDMI reapter 50M
DTECH DT-7042 HDMI reapter 50M
5m usb to parallel cable
DT-5054 usb printer cable is full compliance with the USB Spec. Ver. 1.1and support standard PC parallel port register based operation.
VGA Video Splitter
DT-7508 VGA splitter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to send one video signal to 8 displays.
HDMI TO SDI converter
DTECH DT-6529 HDMI to SDI converter can be convenient to HDMI signals to SDI,at the same time will HDMI with embedded into audio signal separation after converting in SDI signal,in order to realize the sound and image synchronous tranmission.
3+6 20M VGA Cable
DT-6920 is fully shielded VGA monitor extension or replacement cable.
USB to DB25 Parallel Cable
DT-5005 usb to db25 cable is connect your printer, modem or other RS-232 serial/parallel device to a switchbox