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hdmi cable 50m
DT-6650C Full HD 1080P HDMI Cable 50m male to male HDMI 1.4v built-in IC-Signal amplifier chip is a high quality hdmi cable, transmit hdmi signal, supports full HD 1920*1080p video format.
HF101 hdmi fiber cable
DTECH DT-HF101 HDMI 2.0 AOC fiber cable 4k@60hz
HF103 hdmi fiber cable
DTECH DT-HF103 HDMI 2.0 AOC fiber cable 4k@60hz 20M
USB 2.0 Extender
This USB2.0 extender adopts USB standard 2.0 protocol, compatible with 1.1 protocol. 
HF104 hdmi fiber cable
DTECH DT-HF104 HDMI 2.0 AOC fiber cable 4k@60hz 30M
HF107 hdmi fiber cable
DTECH DT-HF107 HDMI 2.0 AOC fiber cable 4k@60hz 50M
usb extender 60m
Our USB extension adapter (DT-5015)allows you to connect your USB device to your computer at a distance of up to 60meters with the help of a Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 patch cable (not included).
USB sharing switch allows multiple computers to share a single USB interface equipment, such as lan card, camera, mobile hard disk, printer, scanner, plotter, multi-function equipment, etc. A variety of USB peripherals can be achieved through this product’smultiple computers share a device, the purpose is not only to decrease the costs of purchase , also to save more space resources.