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USB 2.0 Extender
DTECH DT-7014A USB 2.0 extender 4 ports 50M
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  • Color : GRAY
  • Shipping Port : SHENZHEN/GUANGZHOU
  • Lead Time : 7-14 days
  • Brand : DTECH
Product Details

DTECH DT-7014A USB 2.0 extender 4 ports 50M


1. USB signals transmitted by a single LAN cable, easy to use and install,  it can be extended up to 50m via LAN cable.

2.USB2.0 interface, transfer rate up to 480Mbps, backward compatible  with USB1.1

3. Transmit uncompressed signals, transmit speed can reach the USB2.0 standard speed.

4. Supports standard CAT5/CAT5E and CAT6.

5. Can connect all USB devices, printers, network cameras, hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, game controller, etc.

6. Rated input voltage:5V; input current: external power supply 1000mA;

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