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hdmi fiber cable
Ideal solution when copper HDMI cable can not transfer 4K@60Hz for long distance
hdmi fiber cable
hdmi fiber extender 20km
DTECH 4K HDMI fiber extender is used to solve the problems appears when the HDMI signal is in long distance transmitting, such as image mosaic, color distortion, and inability to transmit. It is designed for internet tablet display and large-screen advertising wall display, and other occasions require high-quality HDMI audio and video signal long distance transmission. You can select the corresponding fiber module according to the transmission distance, and can also realize cascade transmission via fiber optic switch. It is widely used in all supermarkets, video conference, security center, computer teaching systems and data management systems, etc.
HDMI IP Cascading Extender 150m 4k
This is a product of HDMI IP extender, which can extend HD signals up to 150 meters via single cat 5e/cat6 cable and the resolution can up to 1080P. If over 150 meters, can be extended by multi-level connection via switch/router. In addition, it can realize cascading transmission without switch or router. It is widely used in computer teaching system, high-quality multimedia display, video conference, computer, LCD plasma hd display venue, digital home theater, exhibition, education, finance, scientific research, meteorology and other fields.