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Top-selling DTECH DT-HF202 Fiber Optic HDMI2.0 Cable 16m
DTECH DT-HF202 Fiber Optic HDMI2.0 Cable 16m
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Product Description

Home Classroom Commercial

l  DTECH Technology - Long Distance HDMI

l  DTECH Fiber Optic HDMI cables are an easy-to-use, secure connection for home video distribution, conference room presentation systems, classroom projection systems, digital signage and wherever a high definition video display is located.

l  Fiber optics provides the speed and bandwidth needed for the best picture quality for high definition video at lengths up to 300 feet; supporting the long distances required in commercial video solutions.

l  No extenders, baluns or amplifiers are needed and DTECH fiber optic cables are EMI free allowing them to be installed with multiple cable pulls, providing the flexibility for remote component locations.

l  Supporting 18Gbps and 4K@60Hz performance up to 300 feet, DTECH cables meets with plenum rated standard ( UL CMP ).

l  Designed to solve the installer’s common problems with long distance HDMI and concealed installations in home and business.




up to 300 feet

Data rate

18 Gbps


up to 4K@60Hz/fps ( YUV 4:4:4 )

Supported features


3D, HDR Deep Color


32 uncompressed Audio Channels; 1536 kHz Sample Rates

Cable jacket

plenum rated standard ( UL CMP )

Jacket diameter

4.0 mm

The limit bending radius


Cable pull strength

60 pounds

Cable sustained tension

30 pounds

Operating Temperature

32°— 122°F  (0°—50°C)


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