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Distance is no problem: DTECH USB2.0 extender
April,11 2016


Distance is no problem: DTECH USB2.0 extender

USB interface is the main data exchange channels of various kinds of digital equipment, DTECH electronic technology company, joint research and development in USB2.0 extender DT - 7014 with Guangdong University of technology.

USB interface


Before we understand this product from DTECH, we first to interpret what is USB extender: USB extender is transmitting PC USB signal adopting single CAT cable, break through USB agreement 5 meters length limited, to extend the PC USB signal at least up to 50 meters distance IT equipment.

USB extender



DTECH USB2.0 extender DT -7014 is by the composition of one transmitter and one receiver.Builted-in USB chip, complete the USB protocol remote transmission, compatible with all USB standard USB interface equipment,.Support a variety of USB peripherals, including computers, tablets, printers, digital cameras, scanners, cameras, network cameras, gaming devices, etc.

   USB Extension Cable

    DTECH USB2.0 extender DT -7014 adopting CAT cable , support standard 5 / 5E/6 UTP cable. High speed USB device maximum distance of 110 meters, low-speed USB device can reach as far as 200 meters. USB Extension Cable widely used in large banquet monitor, display, and science and education system.

Packaging inside is included, a set of USB extender, one USB AM - AM data cable, a 5V power supply, a manual

Power adapter instruction: DTECH USB2.0 extender DT -7014 adopting with 5V environmental protection electronic switching power supply, the power supply has a light weight, high power, low power consumption green power electronic intelligence.They can promote to 95%, the efficiency of the power supply so even if a long time to open will not hot. In addition, as we have learned, according to the principle and characteristics of DC switching power supply, the power supply design also have voltage protection switch, in order to avoid instantaneous electric current too big lead to equipment damage.

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