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2016 Hong Kong Exhibition


Global Sources Electronics - the world’s largest electronics sourcing trade show. 3,500 booths of electronics – home, office, auto, security & components. (location: next to Hong Kong Airport)

With excitement we attended the trade show as usual in Hong Kong

As expected, it was successful and meaningful. To meet old friends and make new friends, what else would be better than this?

Mixed matrix, fiber extender, POE extender, matrix 8*8 controlled with celphone APP, etc., people were so interested in our new products, that’s good, we are getting more and more new stuff, cause this is the world we live in, technology changes everything, and this world, new things come up every day.

We don’t know what the future would be like, but what we do today is the root of the future tree, so hope human beings are doing right things today, don’t choose a wrong direction, hope the future is bright and warm, no war, no disaster.

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