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What is the difference between this USB to RS-232 serial cable? Why do senior engineers choose it?

What is the difference between this USB to RS-232 serial cable? Why do senior engineers choose it?

  • 2023-02-23
In the industrial Internet of Things environment, many important devices still use RS232, RS422, and RS485 interfaces, so USB-to-RS232, RS422, and RS485 converters or conversion cables still play an important role, and are used to realize the connection between the computer terminal and RS232, RS422 , Data transmission between RS485 devices.

This usb to rs232 serial cable of Dite has been favored by professionals such as senior engineers since it was launched.

What is the difference between this usb to rs232 serial cable? Why do senior engineers choose it?

                                                                               1.US imported double chip

Equipped with FTDI-FT232RL imported from the United Kingdom + SP213 professional-grade dual chips from the United States, it has strong compatibility, high-speed stability, and safe data transmission without loss. Buying one can be used for 10 years.

                                                                          2.High Speed Baud Rate

The data communication baud rate range is 300bps-460800 bps, so there is no need to worry about insufficient transmission rate when using it.

                                                                             3.Anti-interference, more stable signal

The wire is made of 7-core copper core transmission layer + environmental protection inner quilt + double-layer shielding of aluminum foil + 4 anti-tension ropes + 80 tinned copper braids + transparent environmental protection PVC outer quilt, which strengthens anti-electromagnetic interference and signal transmission in all directions more stable.

                                                                              4.With data indicator

There are three built-in data indicators. When connected to the computer, the red power indicator light is always on. When the communication is normal, the green indicator light flashes to indicate sending data, and the yellow indicator light blinks to indicate receiving data, which is convenient for engineers to check the working status when using.

                                                                                   5.Compatible with multiple systems

Support a variety of systems, Win8/10/Linux system is free to use, and supports Win11; different systems use this usb to rs232 serial cable is enough, Dite also provides scan code card driver and installation instructions to ease your troubles.

                                                                               6.Wide range of applications.

Suitable for computer connection with various RS232 serial devices, such as cash registers, electronic scales, cutting plotters, water and electricity meters, scanners, programming machines, touch screens, access control systems, industrial control machines...


                                                                                     7.20+ years of strength witness

Dite serial cable has been used in various industries for more than 20 years. The product has passed the test of the market, and is favored by customers for its stability, high speed and durability.


                                                                                     8.Engineer one-to-one service

For the after-sales of products, Dite has specially set up professional technical guidance, and engineers provide one-on-one service. You don't have to worry about technical problems that no one can solve, and you can solve your worries.

If you buy a serial port cable and choose Dite, you will never let down your trust!

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