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Maofeng Mountain Tour


    Fresh air after rain ,foreign departments memebers from Guangzhou Dtech decided to have a beautiful outdoor trip  ,after discussion of members ,the destination is the Top high mountain in Guangzhou -Maofeng Mountain .

Before start ,we need to prepare something to eat and ground mat so we can sit together and play games together,apple,bannan ,peach ,egg roll ,melon seeds ,spciy bar,water ,ok ,everything is ready except one key element -take bus !

Oh , it was real a long time to wait the bus to send us to our destinatin ,but there is a saying :The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks ,isnt is  ?thank god !after 40mintues ,we finally waited our Bus Mr.Right .

On the way to there ,we all attracted by the amzing sceneries ,most of time ,we stay in office and what we see is the invariable office and desk,man-made constructions .See!The lake is dancing ,with beautiful dress ,I saw her shy smile ,which makes me feel tipsy .The sounds of birds

creep into my ears , wind likes a band master ,all is full of hope and life .

Quiet white gate with the chinese words in front of us ,!Maofeng Mountain ,here we are !

Upon we drop off the bus,a light floral scent into the our noses .How fragrant  we said at the same time , all of us smiling and singing ,jasmine gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind ,glorious trees almost touch the blue sky ,even in 1 shorthour ,but what we said is more than 1 month in office .

With the pleasure talking and joking ,we arrived at the middle of the mountain ,a little hungry ,found a pavilion near a lake ,rolled out ground mat ,placed the foods ,we sat together as a circle ,feel the breeze from the woods and lake ,no hot shine shinning ,no pour rainning ,evrything was so comfortable,there a number of fancy carp in the lake ,several black swan dacing in the middle lake ,attracted most of visitors .We began to paly games ,firts one is WHO IS 007.Judge need to write three same thing ,one diffrent ,for example :three apple ,one orange ,orange is 007,before judge split out the four papers(casue we only have five people ) ,she has to know ,who is 007 first .then ,the other four people according to himself paper to say some words to describe the paper content ,the describtion can be wrong ,can be true ,when describtion over ,judge asked four peolple to select who is 007 in their mind ,if the answer is wrong ,the game continue ,and the wrong peopleDIEDuntil found the real 007,if in the end ,still can not found ,the game will won vy 007,he escaped .if found in the end ,members won ,and can get scores .

Challedging and funny games one by one ,we even did not notice the raining ,in the end ,Bernice got the highest scores ,we are planning to make a gift ,but what would be  ?guess !

After rain stopped ,time is not enough for us to continue the rest ,so we plan to climb it next time ,fortunatly ,we catch the last bust ,then had supper in Juliens home ,all of us say her husband is realy a pretty cook.

Unforgettable team trip ,we are plan to have more in the next,it is not only good for us to enhance our communication between colldges but also enable us to enjoy the scenery of natural.

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