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Internet Cafe Extender


Computer games will never die.

Play is the nature of human beings, computer games adopt the newest and the most interesting IT, and people love new things, new technologies, new games, that’s why computer games would exist forever.

Because computer games adopt the newest and the most interesting IT, that’s why computer games players know the latest IT news, they use the latest IT products.

Internet cafe extender is the latest one.

If you get into a new internet cafe, you’ll find it’s just like a real cafe, clean, quiet, comfortable, with nice decoration style, some are magical and cool. You can not imagine it’s a place for young guys to play computer games, cause it’s too much like a decent French restaurant!

And you’ll find there is no mainframe, this is the most important point to make the whole internet cafe comfortable.

Old days, internet cafe is too crowd, noisy, hot, dirty, no fresh air, because the mainframes are big, make sound, flow heat because all the chips and cables need to dissipate heat, and people can not clean the whole space very well because there are too many cables connected to the mainframe, that makes the space inflexible for clean, you can not lift up the mainframe like bowl, so you can not clean it by 360°.

But how do people handle the mainframes?

They install them all together in one room.

Connect the mainframes to the monitors with special extenders, install a extender on every desktop, with all the needed interfaces on the extender, power button, USB ports for mouse and keyboard etc.

You can put a air conditioner in the mainframes room, so that all the computer mainframes can work in a ‘cool room’, you don’t need to worry about the chips be burnt any more, and you can lock them up, you don’t need to clean them everyday, you don’t need to worry about they’d be stolen.

Internet cafe extender makes this happen.

But it doesn’t only happen in internet cafe, computer game players are just the first users, it will also happen in office, class, even at home.

People would forget the big and dumb and unnecessary box in the near future, cause people will lock them up in a ‘cool room’ very soon.


     DTECH is specialized in audio&video research, development,  manufacture and sales, which integrates R&D department,ODM department and a strong sales network. Products are certified by: HDMI Adopter,CE,FCC,ROHS etc.

     DTECH was multiple awarded technological prizes, for example: Technological Innovation Prize by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Guangdong province and Little Giant Technology Prize of Guangzhou City.

     Main business:

HDMI splitter,extender,matrix,converter,switcher,KVM

VGA splitter,extender,matrix,converter,switcher,KVM

BNC/SDI/AV splitter and converter,

USB converter cable,Industrial converter and so on.

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