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3+6 1.6M VGA Cable
DTECH DT-6916 VGA 3+6 1.6M VGA Cable
  • MOQ : 1
  • Color : black
  • Product Orgin : china
  • Shipping Port : guangzhou/shenzhen
  • Lead Time : 7-14days
  • Brand : DTECH
Product Details

DTECH DT-6916 VGA 3+6 1.6M VGA Cable


1.Meet all the requirements of reliability test and electrical test

2.VGA / SVGA up to 1920 x 1080

3.Totally matches with the requirements of VGA                                                                                                               4.High quality 15p male to male VGA to VGA Cable for your monitor.

5.This VGA to VGA Cable connects PC or laptop to the projector, LCD monitor, and other video display system through VGA connections.

6.Fully shielded VGA monitor extension or replacement cable.

7.Each Cable have two high density VGA connector with thumbscrews. 

8.Constructed from premium grade shilded video monitor cable which used a combination of coax and twisted pair.

9.Ideal for video presentation devices,video splitters and KVM switches.


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