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The Basic Information of HDMI Splitter
November,24 2015

Have you heard HDMI splitters? HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) is an integrated audio or video association used for transference of uncompressed and unencrypted digital data. It serves as a digital substitute to consumer analog standard, for example coaxial cable, composite video, S video, etc.


These days High Bandwidth HDMI Cable is commonly used as people have a preference for plasma TV or LCD and other HD (high definition) devices. Moreover, these cables are easily available and are used for any uncompressed TV /PC video format including standard, high definition and 3D video signals. These cables are capable of transferring data at different speeds depending on the material used in them.


As the name suggests HDMI splitter is an accessory device used to split a HDMI signal into numerous signals that are then connected to many display units. This feature sets make it different from USB HDMI KVM Switch box which combines various signals and displays them on the same output.


Superior HDMI splitter

Characteristics of HDMI splitters:

It displays signals on several display units and no signal loss takes place during transference to the display unit. Display devices can use all the signals at the same time. They generally come with 1080i/p, 720i/p and 480p resolutions. A unique feature of it is that the digital signals do not get diminished with splitting. It is also simple in design and easy to install. Cable and hardware are shielded in order to avoid damage to devices. HDMI is reasonably priced and is robust. It gives high picture quality and has excellent resolution. The HDMI device only splits the original signal that is displayed on all of the connected outputs. The image quality that appears on all output devices will be the same and is not possible to control independently when coupled to an HDMI compatible device such as antennas or any kind of HD receiver.


How to Use an HDMI Splitter

A Superior HDMI Splitter is planned to efficiently split any HDMI originating output signal into additional outputs that can be connected to multiple displays. Things required are:

HDMI Splitter, HDMI Compliant Output Source Device, Hardware and power source HDMI Cable or Alternative Data Transfer Wire and Adapters/Hardware. Visit dtechelectronics and you will find more details about HDMI splitters.

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